Hey! I'm Kanisorn Sutham, or a.k.a "First". I'm from Thailand 🇹🇭

I'm developer consultant, tech blogger. I'm currently building quality software at ThoughtWorks Thailand and help people raise their software engineering practice skill!

I help Thai SME company as a independent tech consultant. Besides, I currently building tailwind ui ready-to-use component set in Basket UI. I will use for all my side-hustle and pet-project. It's early stage 👷🏻‍♂️.

You can find me on my Twitter where I talk and retweet about software development, or on GitHub where I maintain my pet-project or building up my playground space. Yes! including heyfirst.co repository as well!

Speaking, Live, and interviews

Why Developer need to care about UX

I spoke with Pom Sutham about my story why I love to learn UX and how dev and ux work together.

Introduction of Agile Developmemt

I have talked about introduction of agile and how to bring Agile to the team from my consulting experiences at Punchup.

Career Conversation - Tips for landing a graduate job

I spoke with Nat and Atom about our job interview experience and tips for helping developer and recruiter impress with you.

JavaScript Cafe FB Live // Let's Refactor Vue.js ~370 LOC

We do live-coding with @dtinth, @runyasak and @siriwatk to refactoring Thai Webring from ~370 LOC single vue.js file. Facebook live recording (Thai)

Lightning Talk Series: Software consulting: what this really means and how to start

I spoke with @siriwatk about what is software cnosulting really is and how to start here.

Typescript Meetup #1: The World without TypeScript

I spoke about the challenge of JavaScript with no type and how TypeScript solve the problem.

Effective Graduated Developer

I spoke about my journey in ThoughtWorks as a developer consultant. helping new graduate developer can pass the challenge easier though! Recording

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