June 11, 2022
2 min read

Let's share your setup in /uses page


People keep asking me what desk you are using or sometimes what is your current headphones or even what is your current working computer?

I keep answer questions for years and well, it was so exciting when you found out someone use the same thing like you! espescially, with the same reason as you.

🔗Why we share our /uses ? đŸ’ģ

It becauses we can learn for example why people are choose these tools over other tools as well as why these tools fit for their job and their role.

So, this is the reason that I draft my /uses page, to share my thought about my uses.

Alright, here is my desk setup! Let's check this heyfirst.co/uses page for more!

🔗Where we can share our uses or setup?

I now know only 2 most-famous places to share our currently use tools / software / hardwares/ desk-setups

  1. https://uses.tech/ (codebase: https://github.com/wesbos/awesome-uses) — A list of /uses pages detailing developer setups, gear, software and configs from @wesbos.
  2. https://setups.co/ — Inspiring workspaces from creators from @siddhartharun.

Personally, as a tech-guy, I think the first one is more developer people and second one is more like people from design world. I love them both so much and but I haven't submit my desk to second one yet. (of couse! my desk is now so messy)

I will re-take my room once again and post to https://setups.co/ someday later.

🔗Thai neighbours /uses pages

Here I have some /uses page examples from Thai folks..

  1. https://garden.narze.live/Uses/ from @narze
  2. https://armno.in.th/uses/

Actualy, you can find more people on https://uses.tech/ page and choose on the 🇹🇭 flag to filter by Thai country.

🔗Share yours below! 👇

Hope you enjoy and find some ideas then craft your /uses. I and many people looking forward to check them out! Create one and comment your /uses page below.

See you on next blog!

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