Hey buddy! here is my /uses page which is all about software and gadgets that I currently use and previously use, all in one place.

This page are inspired by uses.tech where developers share their gadgets and software they use!

Coding 👨‍💻

Languages & Frameworks 🎨

  • React (primary)
  • TypeScript
  • Fastify
  • Python & Django
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Material UI
  • Terraform

Command Line 🕹️

SaaS 🤖

  • Vercel - Serve all frontend related stuffs
  • Google Cloud Platform - every project are on Cloud Run, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Artifact Registry, PubSub, Firebase, including Logging & Monitoring
  • Raindrop.io - store all my bookmarks
  • Heroku - my personal legacy app still run on this
  • Metabase - I'm big fan of them, I use them for all analytics
  • Fathom Analytics

Apps & Utilities 💻

  • Obsidian – Markdown note-taking app with many powerful features such as using real MD files and graphs
  • 1Password - Definitely, 100% satisfied password manager
  • Raycast - Replaced Mac's Spotlight
  • Google Chrome - not canary, I want something stable enough to test what exactly user see my app.
  • Rescue Time
  • Spark for personal email client both iPhone & Mac
  • RunCat - 🐈
  • Rectagle - a window management app, written in Swift.

Hardware & Gadgets 📱

My table is quite messy when I work from home, but in spare-time, I usually use only my Macbook Air M1 all the time and keep Macbook Pro 16-inch a side. Here is all my items below~

Running Shoes 🏃‍♂️

Coffee ☕

Previously used 📦

  • Bear App – MD format but can not bulk-export as a MD, MD syntax makes hard to read.
  • z – Not cool, too old.
  • Timing – I don't use the Setapp anymore and need to subscribe
  • Notion – too slow, too many features and too complex than just note-taking
  • Digitalocean – Pricing now is the almost same as GCP, Then why not GCP?